Home from glass beads to galaxies Bengali programme  English programme works of D. Rej
Home from glass beads to galaxies Bengali programme  English programme works of D. Rej

This website was launched by Sir Fazle Abed, Founder of BRAC at Rabindranath Tagore Centre, Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) on 1 November 2017, Kolkata on the occasion of Debabrata Rej Centenary.

The whole program including both the Bengali and the English parts, held at ICCR, are available in ths site. Those who were not present in the event will be able to enjoy the program here.

The main emphasis of the program had been to explain the efforts which Debabrata Rej had made in using languages in exceptional ways. With these experiments with language he wished to communicate a truer foundation of reality lying in an unperceivable realm outside the context of so-called “reality” perceived and known.

His emphasis on the use of images, as better vehicles for expressing the experiences arising from the inner realm of existence, has been the central focus of this presentation.

His son Anup Rej, who is a physicist, philosopher and an artist, has tried to “translate” images created with words into visual images of lines and forms. According to Debabrata Rej the readers, who connect to the images and interprete the “reality”, are the agents of meaning.

This Centenary website is especially launched to make him comprehensible to a wider group of readers, who may appreciate his new ways outside the trodden tracks of literature.

For his works visit http://DebabrataRej.in