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 Opening video with quotations of Debabratat  Rej about art and literature with music of Ravi Shankar and Menuhin in the background.

Welcome address by Ragne Birte Lund (former Ambassador and Daughter-in-Law of D.Rej)

Literary biography of Debabrata Rej

 Reading from the drama “Jonomo Jonmantor” by Nandi Ranga Theatre Group

 Rreading from “Faust” by Nandi Ranga Theatre Group

 Introduction to a new  genre of writing novel:

Shankar Roy Choudhury will read from “Gorur Gari”

 Launching of the website http://Centenary.DebabrataRej.in by the Guest of Honour             Sir Fazle Abed

Poem “Why I Crave for Peace?”

The way of accessing the dramas by using “Qr-codes” printed on artcards by using smartphones.

OPENING Quotations on literature and arts